Skydiving In Florida

Planning a trip to Florida or live in FL? Then get ready to skydive! There are ample places to make your first jump and as many jumps as you want to make. All of the dropzones listed below are certified by the United States Parachute Association so you know they are safe. It’s easy to make a reservation and make your jump.

The most popular way to be introduced to skydiving is trough a tandem skydive. During a tandem jump, you are connected to a specially trained and very experienced skydiver. They do all the work. They’ll do everything from helping you leave the plane, deploying the parachute to landing safely on the ground. If you want a more adventurous jump ask your instructor if you can deploy the parachute and help to steer. If that’s not enough excitement for you, try an accelerated freefall jump. During an AFF jump, you exit the plane with two instructors and the will fly next to you until you deploy your parachute. You will fly your parachute to the ground. This is the most expensive and more intensive way to learn to skydive but can be the most rewarding.

Skydiving in Florida

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